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Match Your Workwear To Your #CareerGoals With These 7 Fashion Tips

From ultra-modern athleisure to Savile Row–style suitings, the landscape of women’s work attire has transformed radically over the past decade. While the variety ensures we can finally move away from #ThrowbackThursday classics like shoulder pads and power suits, the shift also has brought countless confusing options. “Dress for the job you want” is valuable advice and all, but how many of us are left wondering, Was there more to that memo?! To navigate the maze that is modern work attire, we partnered with ModCloth to share exactly how to sartorially highlight your top professional talents. Whether your workplace persona is the boss in charge, the trusted client-facing star on the rise or something else entirely, by following these simple tips from top personal style experts, you can get your clothing to work for you.

Meg Gallagher Jolie Gazette

Je Suis Meg Gallagher
Occupation: Personal Stylist & TV
Wardrobe Stylist- LA, NYC & SF

Where were you born?
I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, grew up in Philadelphia, moved to NYC after college and lived there for 15 fashion filled years. Presently I live in LA with my husband and 2 boys.

In one sentence what is unique about your work?
I specialize in working with women and men.Specifically people that live or travel bi-coastally.There are many nuances to building a wardrobe and personal style between two coasts.I have lived on both coasts and understand the needs, culture and climate.

Why do you do what you do?
My whole life has been about fashion.I graduated with a fashion design degree, had a whole career as a clothing designer and design director. Went back to school to start my own styling business and have had one for the past 7 years.

Wanna know more about the insiders who style you up or give you tips on how to dress better?

We had the chance to sit down with Meg, our insider based in Los Angeles for a quick Q&A!

What did you do before becoming a stylist/personal shopper?

I have a degree in fashion design and was a design director in NYC for many years.

What inspired you to become a stylist/personal shopper?

Becoming a personal stylist was a second career for me. I wanted to run my own business. Be it I had a whole fashion background and career as a designer, moving into the world of styling made sense.

Meg Gallagher Los Angeles stylist New York stylist


Meg Gallager in Los Angeles Magazine on the iWatch

How to Wear the Apple Watch
It’s about how it looks—not how it works

May 7, 2015 Madeline Ewles Fashion

Mixed reviews aside, the Apple Watch is more than just another piece of technology: it’s a fashion statement. The product—which comes in three models ranging in price from $300 to $17,000 and with a slew of band options—tracks exercise, plays music, and operates apps like Uber. It also already knows its way around the wrists of Beyonce, Drake, and Anna Wintour. If you’re like us, you’ve spent more time wondering how to wear the watch than how to work it. We asked four L.A.-based fashion stylists to put together Apple Watch-inspired looks. Here’s what they pulled: -


Meg Gallagher personal stylist New York and Los Angeles

Meg Gallagher Wardrobe Stylist

Booze Traveler Series on the Travel Channel

In 15 1-hour episodes of Booze Traveler cocktail connoisseur Jack Maxwell travels around the world, one drink at a time. Maxwell grew up in south Boston where bars served as the neighborhood living rooms, hosting family dinners, birthdays and weddings. In this new series, he will take his respect and appreciation for specialty cocktails to explore new locales, seeking out the people, places, customs and cultures behind drinks across the globe.

Meg Gallagher personal stylist New York and Los Angeles

Ask A Los Angeles Stylist:
Putting Together Your Best Fall Look

By Jennifer Geisma
October 29, 2013

With one heat wave after another, it's hard to focus your fashion sense on the fall season. But, it's here and time to officially transition your closet over from summer to fall.

Meg Gallagher personal stylist New York and Los Angeles

LA's Best Personal Stylists And Shoppers

By Niki Payne
July 16, 2013

If you think your wardrobe is doomed, then you haven't met Meg Gallagher, who has more than 10 different styling packages that can accommodate your specific needs or budget. The most unique feature of Meg's personal styling services is proprietary Mobile Lookbook, a crafty new tool that gives her clients the star treatment with a personalized wardrobe itinerary...

Meg Gallagher personal stylist New York and Los Angeles

Personal stylist Meg Gallagher, left, works with Margaret Goldenberg as she tries on upcycled clothing at Reformation on Melrose. (Katie Falkenberg / For The Times / April 22, 2012)

By Susan Carpenter
April 22, 2012

A lot has been made of organic cotton and other eco-friendly fabrics made from Tencel, hemp and bamboo as fashion rides the...

Shirley Maclaine styled by Meg GallagherShirley McClaine styled by Meg Gallagher

November 2012


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