The Great Closet Revival:

Are mornings in your closet your least favorite time of day? Then this is the package for you! Brave the deepest depths of your closet with Meg and discover what stylish gems already lie inside. Starting with the Initial Consultation, Meg will analyze your individual style needs. During the Closet Edit, Meg will pinpoint what is already at your fingertips (you may be surprised!) as well as offer expert advice on to how to best utilize your closet for maximum use and space.
5 Hours
1-Hour Initial Consultation
4-Hour Closet Edit

Closeted Style:

Think your wardrobe is doomed? No time to fix it yourself? Help is on the way! Whether a complete overhaul is needed or just a master stylist’s touch to revitalize what you already have, Meg is equipped to handle it all. The Initial Consultation will get the ball rolling, and focus on what styles are right for you. The Closet Edit turns your closet into a workable style station, allowing you to determine what pieces can really work collectively. Finally, the Outfit Styling session pulls it all together so finding the perfect ensemble is truly the easiest task in your day.
9 Hours
1-Hour Initial Consultation
4-Hour Closet Edit
4-Hour Outfit Styling

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Petite Complete*:

shop in your own closet

Need a style makeover in a flash? Look no further! An Initial Consultation and Closet Edit will give Meg the tools to create a tailored shopping list of must-haves to update your wardrobe and suit your lifestyle. Personal Shopping is next! Do stores make you anxious? Choose to be a part of the action or a happy sideliner joining in whenever you see fit. After shopping, it’s back to the closet for your Outfit Styling, combining the old with the new and looking as good as you feel. *Most Popular Package
13 Hours
1-Hour Initial Consultation
4-Hour Closet Edit
4-Hour Personal Shopping
4-Hour Outfit Styling

Edit, Shop, Style-I Want It All!:

You know you need this when you don’t have a thing in your closet that you wear. A major change is all you can think of and you really want to do it right. The Initial Consultation and Closet Edit are just the beginning, setting the stage for your new style. Shopping with Meg is set into 3 separate trips to keep you fresh and motivated while you explore the possibilities and choose the pieces that best exemplify your personal style goals. You’ll wrap it up with two Outfit Styling sessions, watch as your closet springs to life and is transformed into the wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of.
25 Hours
1-Hour Initial Consultation
4-Hour Closet Edit
4-Hours x 3- Personal Shopping
4- Hours x 2- Outfit Styling

The Mobile Lookbook©:

Celebrities receive red-carpet treatment on the daily, but what about you with an on-hand photo gallery of your own personally-styled outfits? The Mobile Lookbook© is an innovative new tool in which a closet full of clothing becomes a wearable wardrobe organized according to lifestyle and at the clients fingertips with just a push of a button on their smartphone or tablet computer. The Mobile Lookbook© integrates your phone-in-hand-at-all-times addiction and need to dress the part by creating a wardrobe itinerary you never have to leave home without.

For Existing Clients Only – Must Have Completed Consult And Closet Edit

Your Style Concierge:

Need to look your best without all the effort? Looking for someone to transform your style vision into reality? Your Style Concierge has arrived! Meg will pull items from your favorite boutiques or dept. stores and present them to you in the location of your choice. Purchases and fittings with a premier tailor are available and taken care of for you. Meg styles it all. You’ve never stepped foot in a shop, dealt with crowds, or lost valuable work time. You are WORTH IT.
4-hour minimum

Virtual Shop & Style:

Ready to make style changes, but don’t have the time to get started? Have an idea of what you need but are overwhelmed with all the available options? Discover the best cyberspace has to offer without breaking the bank: work with Meg virtually! Through her online shopping and styling expertise (no travel necessary!), she will pinpoint and style the best pieces for your individual figure/physique, lifestyle, and budget to build you the wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

For Existing Clients Only


The Travel Story:

Let your vacation begin now! Whether for business or an intimate getaway, don’t spend another minute laboring over what to wear. With your itinerary in hand and expert Outfit Styling, Meg will pull together the ideal travel wardrobe from your current wardrobe. Should your fast-approaching travel plans call for the perfect bikini or a much-needed update on those classic pumps, Shopping will only add to the fun! With each new look stored safely on your smartphone (and an extra set of printed photos in your bag!) you are ready to conquer that big meeting or that lounge chair in style. Bon Voyage!
Hourly Rate
Outfit Itinerary Planning
Create Shopping List (if needed)
Shopping (if needed)
Travel Outfit Styling

The Season of Change:

You’ve already built a fab closet with Meg. You feel modern, confident, and ready to take on the world. Now you’re back for more! Add a few unique pieces for the upcoming season, a special event or trip, or simply take the next step into an even more stylish future. Shopping, styling, or a combination of the two, Meg is here to take on the challenge.
4-hour minimum


It’s YOUR Night!:

Whether you’re a savvy socialite looking to borrow the latest designer gown for your walk down the red carpet or are new to the game and just want to be fabulous for the night, Meg is your girl! Men, women, or couples looking to rule the night in style will be treated to individual consultations targeting the type of event, personal style preferences, hair, make-up and finally…the DRESS (or tux!) that promises the perfect night.Pictures please!

Hourly Rate or Day Rate

The Stylish Pair:

Have you both fallen into a style rut? Can not remember the last time you really “wowed” each other? Choose one or more of the available package options and let’s get started! Meg will determine your stylish future through individual Initial Consultations, Closet Edits (determine the perfect amount of space for each partner!), and Shopping. Integrated with a bit of Outfit Styling, your closets (and the both of you!) will receive just the style boosts you need to put that “wow” factor back in your lives for good.
Negotiable Rates
Packages As Above

The Sustainable Closet:

Is your closet the next point of interest in your plan to ‘go green’, but are unsure how to get started? Work with Meg to develop your eco conscious eye for style! After a brief Q&A set to determine your needs and wants, Meg will guide you through the ways of this greener world (virtual or in-person) providing useful tips to use in your everyday dressing life. Locating the best of the best in sustainable, organic, vintage, consignment and locally produced eco fashion, Meg will pull pieces ideal for your style, figure and budget. Closet pieces will come alive again as garments are altered and coordinated together with newfound pieces to create the ultimate green closet fit for any forward-thinking fashionista.

Hourly Rate

Tap Your Inner Vintage:

Do you love the thrill of the hunt and the elation of wearing an exclusive piece no one expects? Eager to discover the latest vintage hot spot while learning expert hunting tips? Spend the day with Meg, strolling the streets of NYC or driving the boulevards of LA in search of the finest vintage haunts. Whether you are seeking designer garb, retro accessories, or timeless collectibles, a day of excitement is ahead! You’ll discover secret spots: sifting the rails and digging through bins in search of one-of-a-kind treasures while Meg educates you on the basics of garment care and offers style suggestions. While there is never a guarantee with vintage shopping, the adventure will speak for itself.

Hourly Rate


Style Your Business Head to Toe:

What does “business casual” mean? Khakis and loafers? Polo shirts and blazers? It’s hard to say. For every company there is a unique image they wish to portray and for every employee, a different interpretation of this image. Sadly, many interpretations simply say poorly dressed– but not for the reasons you may think! So how do you approach employees with wardrobe issues? As your In-House Style Consultant, Meg will clear the lines of communication and teach the very learnable skills of dressing the part. Be it a large corporation or a small boutique firm, she works in group settings educating on appropriate dress for executive positions, meetings, events, and business travel. Have an employee you are breeding for advancement? Meg will work directly with them, taking into account their individual style, position, and business agenda. Breeding confidence and a positive morale, no company is too big or too small to reap the benefits of appropriate business attire. Make those first impressionable 7 seconds count!
Rates based on project