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The Best Designer Bags to Buy in 2024

Which designer handbag should YOU buy? To answer this frequently asked question amongst my clients, I’ve compiled a list of the best designer bags on the market, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right bag for your wardrobe. Read on for a rundown on the most effective tips and tricks for shopping the best designer handbags in 2024 below.

January is the ultimate month of evaluation; At the start of a brand new year, it’s common to think about our lifestyles and the wardrobe that supports it. Shopping the right designer bag will not only elevate your existing wardrobe for the new year, but also continue to serve it for years to come!

What to Consider Before Buying A Designer Bag

Do NOT be impulsive. Designer Bags are an investment piece. Meant to be cherished over time, the goal is clear: We’re looking for an anti-trend piece that supports your wardrobe with unlimited wearability.

Consider your budget. The price of designer bags varies, so it’s best to decide on a budget before considering your options.

Consider the “end goal”. What are you using your bag for, and where? Figure out where you’re using the bag (at work, special occasions, shopping on weekends, etc.) and what you need to fit inside the bag (wallet, keys, phone, tablet, etc.).

Does it fit your lifestyle? Does your “end goal” for the bag truly support the needs within your lifestyle? Will you utilize the bag in a way that will warrant the cost?

Review the specs of the bag. Review the sizing, quality, pockets, straps and closures. Read customer reviews on the bag so that you’re familiar with both positive and negative features.

Consider your wardrobe. Stick to neutral colors that pair well with your existing wardrobe and fit within your Color Season. If you have not used Color Guru’s Color Analysis services, you can use Discount Code: MegGallagher10 to ensure that your handbag purchase is within the color palette that flatters you most.

The Benefit of Shopping Designer Pieces Through a Stylist

A stylist eases the shopping process by recommending pieces that flatter your wardrobe, color season and lifestyle while accounting for brand knowledge and popularity.
Through Los Angeles Personal Stylist Meg Gallagher, she can source and ship designer bags to your home via consignment shopping – Allowing you to try different styles, colors, pre-owned vintage bags and difficult-to-access designer bags (such as Hermes, Miu Miu and Chanel) within the comfort of your own home. Once you decide which pieces suit your wardrobe best, you ship the rest back and are charged for what you keep.

Interested in these bags? Working with Meg Gallagher allows these pieces to be sent straight to your home on consignment!

Chanel Cream Lambskin Chanel Flap Bag
Hermès Caban Swift Birkin
Hermès Togo Capucines Kelly

The 15 Best Classic Designer Handbags to Purchase in 2024

Loewe Puzzle Bag in Calfskin
Khaite Lotus bag
Toteme Belt Hobo Leather Shoulder Bag
Large Lady Dior Bag
Medium Dior Toujours Bag
Top Handle Miss Dior Bag
Celine Sac 16 leather handbag
Prada Cleo Patent Leather Shoulder Bag
LV Coussin BB
LV Lock It MM
Bottega Veneta Andiamo medium bag
YSL Large Leather Hobo

Want Designer Quality at a Lower Price? Consider DeMellier London.

Meg’s favorite quiet luxury bags come down to prices under $700. DeMellier London ushers in quality bags that offer timeless style at a fraction of the price.

The Large Tokyo
The Vancouver
The New York

Need help shopping your dream bag? Contact Personal Stylist Meg Gallagher here to get started on personal shopping or consignment.