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Wardrobe Stylist Consulting in Los Angeles, CA

“Are you overwhelmed by a major life transition? Feeling disconnected from your pre-COVID wardrobe? Are you feeling stale on outfit ideas? Is your wardrobe fitting differently? Do you have a closet full of clothes with NOTHING to wear?
When you need an image makeover or closet refresh, begin a life-changing journey with award-winning LA personal stylist Meg Gallagher. Through her wardrobe styling services, she will evaluate your unique lifestyle to curate a fully customized wardrobe that projects confidence, is trend right, and eliminates the age-old question of “what to wear”.

Through Meg’s warm yet actionary approach to personal styling, clients are quick to praise her talents to move the needle and present solutions that make the closet of their dreams a reality! If you’re ready to move from a state of overwhelm and self-doubt to feeling modern, recognized, empowered, and great in your own skin, contact critically acclaimed wardrobe stylist consultant in Los Angeles, Meg Gallagher today.

“I LOVE my wardrobe!!!
Meg provides amazing guidance and has tons of patience and (of course) incredible style. I had such a positive experience. For the first time ever, I actually look forward to getting dressed! I can’t recommend Meg highly enough.” – Megan, LA

Wardrobe Styling

What makes a wardrobe so important is that it always tells a story. Your wardrobe not only tells others who you are, but it can also inform and encourage you to be the person you want to be. Meg will utilize over 30 years of fashion expertise to define what silhouettes flatter your body most and incorporate the styles you prefer in order to fully customize a wardrobe that is authentic to you and your lifestyle. Client wardrobe styling success stories include professional career elevations, newfound assurance in dating and relationships, and stories of body and weight transformations. When you look good, you feel good, allowing you the space to be the best version of yourself!

Styling Process

Meg’s styling process begins with getting to know you. She will go over your lifestyle, career, personality, and identify your image projection. From there, she will assess your body type, unique features, and ideal color palette in order to fully customize your wardrobe.

Meg will shop and build a curated wardrobe for you. She will help identify and broaden the possibilities of how to express your style from silhouettes to accessories. Meg will also work with pieces already found in your closet and show you how to wear them in new ways. Your newly styled outfits will be photographed and created as a Mobile Lookbook that is accessible at the swipe of your finger. In just one session, you’ll have clearly defined goals that bridge your aesthetic, lifestyle, and desired image.

Your new life is waiting – Contact Meg Gallagher today!