“I work hard to earn the trust of my clients so that together we can meet their wardrobe and personal brand goals. By creating a unique style for my clients, they soon feel strong visually but also psychologically and emotionally. The reward enables both of us to lead our most inspired lives. Thank you to every single client who has shared their experiences below or has referred friends or colleagues.”

Meg x

“…people started giving me compliments…! Thank you so much for a great shopping experience. It was simply amazing! I wear my new clothes and feel very good about how I look. Also, I want to share with you that people started giving me compliments and pleasant comments about my appearance. Some people thought I was an artist! It adds up to the whole of me feeling good about my clothes situation. Thank you for your work and your great attitude.”

Maria, Los Angeles

“Where do I start…  Meg is terrific! 
– I am petite and she picked styles that fit me well and complimented my figure.
– She makes the shopping experience easy for those of us who don’t like to shop.
– I wear more of what’s in my closet now and feel stylish and put together every time I walk out the door.
– The photos she puts together, of the different outfits, has saved me so many times. When I’m stuck, I go to my photo album of outfits and my problem is solved instantly.
– If I have questions after my shop and styling appointment, I email Meg and get a response in a timely manner.
– Every time we shop, we build on previous shops.
– She is easy to work with and an expert at what she does.

Try her, you won’t be disappointed.”

Belinda, LA

Meg is an absolute godsend. “For a fashion neophyte like myself, Meg is an absolute godsend. Shopping for new clothes and finding things that I like, that fit well and that are on trend is absolutely terrifying to me but Meg has made that process so unbelievably simple. She understands style, budget, and overall objectives before ever setting foot in a store and once she has a game plan, she pre-selects a wide range of clothing options so that we maximize our time together. Her choices always align with my expectations but she also gently pushes me out of my comfort zone to try things I would never otherwise consider. And invariably, the colors and styles that feel like a stretch for me are always the ones that garner the most compliments. Meg is a pleasure to work with and she has my highest personal and professional recommendation.”



Nick, NYC

Highly recommend!“Meg is a true a professional who listens to her clients! I really hate shopping for clothes and my time is so limited, however, I need clothes to live my life! There has been many a time I went to my closet after working with Meg for an event and there was actually something there, it fit and I liked it!! Highly recommend!”



Susan M, Alabama

She has twice worked her magic to turn my ridiculous closet…into a chic collection… “Can’t recommend Meg highly enough. She has twice worked her magic to turn my ridiculous closet stuck in the 1990s into a chic collection that gave me all sorts of updated options that always get compliments. She works within your budget and absolutely makes the most it. She’s also down to earth, funny and makes you feel comfortable throughout the process — and she’s got a great tailor! Looking forward to working with Meg again.”



Tucker, LA

You have OUTDONE yourself “Well, I must say that you have OUTDONE yourself this year! The outfits are AMAZING! I am already rocking the new looks and they are so great that in a meeting amongst myself and 4 men- they actually….. NOTICED and complimented me on my SHOES!!!! (the fuschia pumps, but really it was the whole outfit that made them take note). THANK YOU, your looks make me feel so good about myself and give me power.”

Smith, NYC Finance/Law

I am so grateful for you The outfits are UNREAL PERFECTION WRAPPED IN FABULOUSNESS thank you so much! I am so grateful for you and love you beyond!”


Nina, Media Sales, LA

The Outfits are Fantastic Not surprised at all my look book was met with applause- the outfits are fantastic.  I know my outward appearance definitely played a big part in how I was perceived and the type of role I was considered for!  What I love is the staying power (styled, not fad-ish) and versatility of your outfits……”

Eileen, NYC, Law

Life Changing Mike’s new style is life changing for him. He looks and feels great!!!!”


Kris and Mike, LA, Investor

Upping My Style Game Wearing the new light blue jeans, the white blazer that I’d totally forgotten about that you uncovered, and that navy blue silk shirt that I already owned and about 5 different people have commented on upping my style game either specifically or this week. And I’ve been really easing into it so that seems like just the tip of the iceberg. And probably more importantly, I’m having fun with trying new stuff and feeling more confident. So, thank you =)

Kate, NYC, Finance- Start Up

Changed not only my look but my attitude toward fashion Being the Northern California tree hugger type and now living in LA I found myself very unschooled about fashion and thought the industry was a bunch of hooey but deep down it was my dream to get some help with my look. I was a non-believer in trends. Meg Gallagher came into my life and has changed not only my look but my attitude toward fashion. Initially, I was uncomfortable having someone judge my closet but once she came to my house for an edit I was relieved that she was not judgmental in the least. Her wit and sense of humor also made the process more fun. She was gentle and knowledgeable and pointed out things that without her I would never have noticed. Shopping with her was a treat. She was organized, professional, fast and always on it. She has helped me get out of my grey, black and fleece and put me in color and made me realize that wearing clothes that are comfortable and look good on me make me feel confident. I used to dread social events because I would worry about what to wear but now I love to pick out one of the outfits she put together for me and I get dressed without the stress. I’m a believer!”

Margaret LA

I can breathe again Thanks again for your awesomeness! I feel like I can breathe again!”

Mike LA- Principal of a Creative Agency

Meg is fantastic! After watching her help my wife revamp her look to fabulous effect, I realized I needed help. Big help. And Meg definitely came to the rescue. She helped me go through my closet and weed out the clothes that either were out of date or unflattering. Then she took me shopping and we updated everything from shoes to glasses. She really got who I was and how I wanted to look. She found great things for me that I would never have found on my own. She has great taste and an unerring eye, so it was really fun to see how she put it all together for me. It’s really great to go into my closet and feel that I’ve made significant improvements in the way I present myself to the world. Thanks, Meg, I’m already looking forward to updating the summer wardrobe!”

Mark- LA- Professional Guitarist

You rock! Just needed to share how excited I am right now. I got word that my meeting with the potential agent is confirmed for this afternoon. So I got up and thought, “I need to figure out what I’m going to wear.” And I went inside, looked in the mirror, and realized all I had to do was add a blazer and change my necklace and i was good to go. I swear, and I’m not kidding, I got a little misty.”

Beth – LA Television Writer & Author

You are the cutest thing ever! I wish for you to one day write a book: “Meg Gallagher, on style” so that your pretty drawings will have a home for the rest of the world to see….:) I love these (sketched outfits) and can’t wait to try them!”

Monika- NYC- Marketing Executive

YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE! You are AMAZING and I am really trying to take what you said and make real changes!! You really are so GENEROUS and patient with your time, omg! And I can’t believe how much you know and the vision that you have! Thank you so so so so so much! What is my expertise? If u are ever arrested I promise I will help! Ha!”

Lisa NYC Attorney

WARNING! If you work with Meg: she is addictive. Dear Friends, I am sad to announce, but excited to pass on, my resource, now friend, Meg Gallagher, has moved to LA. This fabulous woman just fell in my lap through a friend of a friend, I worked with her, became dependant on her, and then she announced her impending move. I figured if I can’t have her, the least I could do was pass her on to all of you.

In all seriousness, I worked w/Meg to help me sort through my sordid wardrobe (years of pregnancy and post-mommy bod and not much work created a strange array of clothing in my closet), focusing on the goals of creating a style and a wardrobe that suits me and the things I am doing now. We focused on work outfits that are creative yet professional, that I can wear to client meetings, networking events, workshops and speaking events. She also helped me think through what I was going to wear to my 20th HS reunion. Bless her.

I offer one warning if you work with Meg: she is addictive. I want to take photos of myself and send them to her. She is sensible, likeable, stylish, honest and real. ANYONE could benefit from working with her. I felt like I finally had a best girlfriend back to really tell me whether or not my butt looked big in that. Hurry. She will book up quickly.”

Rebecca NYC & San Fran Change Consultant

I’d like to pass you a compliment. I really appreciated your pace. I never felt rushed or that I didn’t have your undivided attention. You took the time it needed to meet my needs. I really appreciate that. I can’t say the same for my last stylist. Thanks for everything, see you in a couple months.”

B in Los Angeles

I LOVE everything I got Just wanted you to know how much I LOVE everything I got. I wore my shift dress with boots and my leopard scarf to a “casual” work dinner last night. I’m at this retailer conference now and wearing my Carven B&W skirt and black top, and tomorrow have my Tory jacket and blue pants (which Glenn really loved!). You are truly magical in how you connect with your client, understand their style and help amp up their sophistication in a way that works for the individual — thank you, thank you!”

Kindra- SF- Tech Retail Startup

About a gajillion compliments!!! Just wanted to let you know I wore Cynthia Rowley floral petite dress we got at Anthro (and then saved extra dough on cause you flagged sale for me) to work. Wardrobe working so well. Can’t believe so many options w so few purchases. The outfits we put together for networking meetings work for my more casual days at the office as well so even more choices. And it so helps when you are worried about starting new job to have confidence in your look! Thank you!!!You are a mad mad fashion genius!!!

From longstanding client in NYC

It was great to shop with a someone who knows what they are doing instead of just me wandering around guessing.Thanks for today.”

Thanks so much Meg. I love the security of having the pictures and your voice in my head! Great thing! You were a huge help to me.