Personal Stylist for Women Looking to Elevate Their Style

Experience the profound transformation of personal style with Meg Gallagher, your dedicated women’s personal stylist. As a former fashion designer and director, Meg leverages her seasoned expertise and keen eye for modern aesthetics to curate wardrobes that truly resonate with your individuality. Whether you’re navigating the dynamic landscapes of LA or NYC, or anywhere in between, you can rely on Meg’s intimate, approachable, and decisively stylish guidance.

What Meg Can Do For You

In an era where personal image can make a profound impact, the role of a personal stylist for women becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. The high-paced modern lifestyle often leaves little room for the attentive planning and coordination that goes into curating a wardrobe reflective of one’s personality, career, and lifestyle.

A personal stylist not only saves you precious hours but also ensures your style is trend-forward yet timeless, versatile yet unique, and above all, authentically you. Meg Gallagher’s personalized styling services are designed to empower women to embrace their individuality, boost their confidence, and effortlessly master the art of dressing for every occasion—casual, career, evening, travel, and events. Step into a world where getting dressed is an experience to be savored, not a task to be checked off your list.

Meg’s Mobile Lookbook

The Mobile Lookbook, a signature service unique to her brand, is more than just outfit styling—it’s a journey in self-expression and confidence that transcends trends. Offering consults, closet edits, personal shopping, and outfit styling, Meg empowers you to redefine your personal style for all aspects of your life.

With a strong understanding of the psychological component of personal style, Meg not only transforms your wardrobe, but also helps project your style positively, enabling you to enjoy the process of dressing up, and to feel truly confident. Trust in Meg’s high touch and warm approach to evolve your personal style, making every day a stylish statement. Reach out to her today to get started.