Los Angeles Personal Stylist Med Gallagher divulges her most coveted tips, tricks, and insider information on how to develop top-level personal style. Read her blog for easy to follow how-tos on common questions like closed organization, navigating fit, inserting trend, wardrobe must-have and finding your most authentic style,

How to Clean and Care for Sneakers

If you’ve ever noticed that your well-loved sneakers are bringing down your outfit due to scuffs, dirt, grime or other signs of wear, don’t think about replacing your shoe just yet – it could be time to invest in a shoe cleaning kit! This before and after picture is what my husband’s shoes looked like…

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Give the Gift of Style

Still looking for the perfect present? Gift your loved one with Meg’s Styling Services to start them off in style for the new year! Meg offers printable gift certificates via email for an instant gift that requires no shipping whatsoever! Email Meg to get your printable virtual gift card today. Why You Should Work With A Wardrobe…

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The Best Designer Bags to Buy in 2024

best designer bags for 2024

Which designer handbag should YOU buy? To answer this frequently asked question amongst my clients, I’ve compiled a list of the best designer bags on the market, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right bag for your wardrobe. Read on for a rundown on the most effective tips and tricks…

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REMINDER! Shop Now for Event and Award Season

award season reminder 2024

Award, Party & Event Season is coming. Are you prepared? It’s the season for parties and events of every kind! Don’t wait to shop. If you don’t start thinking about your event calendar now, you may struggle to find the right pieces for your special occasion. Secure an event styling session with Meg ASAP to ensure availability. Contact Meg…

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Meg Gallagher’s Winter Essentials Checklist, 2023-2024

winter 2024 essential outfit ideas

These are the all-encompassing pieces that will serve as a strong foundation to your wardrobe, and serve as a jumpstart to every outfit. You might already have many of these essentials in your closet from last year’s winter season! Use this list as your compass for shopping sale, building your wardrobe and editing your closet!…

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