For many, it’s new territory to hire a personal stylist. Maybe you’re wondering what does a Personal Stylist do? To get an idea of what to expect, listed below are the most frequently asked questions Meg receives from new clients. Feel free to email or call Meg with any additional inquiries 1(347)351.8808 | meg@meggallagher.com

“Yes, I have a range of packages and hourly rates that can be customized to a variety of budgets. My personal styling rates are separate from the wardrobe budget.”

“Yes, I shop and style for petites, plus size, tall, and everything in between. My business philosophy is inclusive of all sizing.”

“Yes, through my in-store or at-home personal shopping services, I eliminate the anxiety of shopping in-store and pieces not fitting. My shopping process is always time efficient and successful.”

“If you’re struggling with the 5-10 lbs, we can absolutely work together! I consider weight fluctuations but if it’s beyond an added 15 pounds, I suggest we shop for a small capsule wardrobe so that you have clothes to wear until you reach your ideal goal weight.”

  • The closet edit is the start to defining your personal style and evaluating your wardrobe. In-store Personal Shoppers and subscription online styling services do not focus on this styling service.
  • The in-store Personal Shoppers and subscription online styling services are selling outfits instead of building you a well-rounded lifestyle-supporting wardrobe.
  • In-store Personal Shoppers and subscription online styling services make outfit suggestions but I buy the clothes, styles/photographs outfits, and share on my unique Mobile Lookbook™.
  • As a Personal Stylist, I look at your overall style goals while an in-store Personal Shopper and subscription online styling service focuses on your in-the-moment style needs. My services are much more high-touch; taking you through the process from beginning to end for true success and value.

“Your clothes and style speak volumes about who you are, how we see ourselves and how others treat us. With life’s transitions, it is easy to become comfortable and even a bit lazy with how we dress and present ourselves. My personal styling sessions are an investment in yourself and your personal brand. By developing your wardrobe and style you will see results in all areas of your life; personally, socially, and professionally. My services inspire you to be the best version of yourself!”

Closeted Style is the perfect package as it enables me to style your wardrobe by shopping your entire closet. No more unworn clothes!”

“My styling process for men is condensed in terms of the number of hours we edit, shop and style.”

“Yes, I do! I have unique relationships with showrooms, designers, and stores to offer an unrivaled red carpet styling experience.”

“The most important considerations in choosing where to shop are your fit, your personal style, wardrobe needs, budget, and your location. I have long-standing relationships with department stores, boutiques, and online retailers which makes the shopping experience unique and intimate.”