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Give the Gift of Style

Still looking for the perfect present? Gift your loved one with Meg’s Styling Services to start them off in style for the new year! Meg offers printable gift certificates via email for an instant gift that requires no shipping whatsoever! Email Meg to get your printable virtual gift card today.

Why You Should Work With A Wardrobe Stylist Consultant

You will get results that will catapult you into your desired lifestyle. Feeling paralyzed by your wardrobe? Don’t put your life on hold! Meg is able to move the needle in a succinct amount of time that is hard to achieve on your own. When you have the right outfits to support your lifestyle goals, you’ll have the confidence to achieve anything that comes your way.

You’ll learn what silhouettes are best for your body shape. When Meg assesses your body type, she also works with you to evaluate what assets you want minimized, as well as which assets to accentuate. She will then determine which shapes and styles best compliment your figure to achieve your most flattering silhouette.

You’ll learn your most flattering color palette. With the social media rise in popularity of Seasonal Color Analysis, over-saturated conflicting information can leave you feeling confused and without direction. Meg’s partnership with Color Guru will facilitate a professional color analysis including the most flattering clothing, makeup, jewelry, hair and nail colors establishing a directive and all-encompassing color palette for your styling and beauty needs.

You will build a balanced, fashion-forward wardrobe that compliments your lifestyle. Imagine having just the right outfit ready for last-minute events, never feeling out of place at work meetings, and knowing just what to wear on date night. Meg takes account of every aspect of your lifestyle to build a wardrobe that has your back for both the expected and the surprises.

Have an expert style outfits head to toe, so you know how to wear it. Anyone can buy pieces of clothing that they like, but how do you put it together? Meg will show you how to incorporate pieces you love into complete outfits.

You’ll develop your own unique personal style. Meg will help curate your wardrobe based on pieces you gravitate to, your style icons and more; building upon and developing your unique personal brand and style.

You’ll save time. When you have a complete wardrobe that accounts for every occasion, you don’t waste time in your closet trying to figure out what to wear. Your outfits are accessible and easy to follow, thanks to Meg Gallagher’s handy personalized styling tool The Mobile Lookbook™.

You’ll save money and reduce clutter. Say goodbye to accidentally re-purchasing similar items that were hidden deep within your closet, or impulse buying items that don’t go with anything in your wardrobe. Your closet will be organized and complete with everything you need, and you will have the help of your stylist to make informed style-building clothing purchases.

You’ll improve the quality of your clothing. Meg’s styling philosophy places high value on purchasing foundational pieces with high wearability in order to build a sustainable wardrobe that you can rely on. Meg will guide you through smart purchases, selecting high quality pieces that are made to last within your wardrobe.

Have a new wardrobe for your new body. If you’ve experienced recent physical changes or continual weight fluctuation, you may find that your wardrobe no longer fits the way it used to. Meg will help build a wardrobe that suits your new body, or guide you through the nuances of shopping for a continually changing body.

Buy the Gift of Personal Stylist LA Meg Gallagher’s Popular Travel Package For Work or Vacation

Save time, eliminate stress, and no more over or under-packing! Meg will curate a travel wardrobe around your style, destination and itinerary to elevate your look and experience for all activities.
Feel confident and truly relax on your next vacation with outfits that fit, flatter and look great in all your photos! Traveling for work? Meg will keep you looking your best by selecting travel-friendly pieces that reflect the intricacies of your vocation as well as introduce outfit ideas for common occurrences such as flight to meetings, desk to dinners and conference looks.