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How to Care for Cashmere, A Simple Tool that Saved my Sweaters

Nothing brings down a winter outfit quite like the pilling of your cashmere sweater. Let’s face it… Pilling looks sloppy, and what we project through our style matters!
Don’t start getting rid of your old sweaters just yet. There’s a simple way to breathe new life into your worn sweaters, and all it requires is a $10 comb. If you’ve ever spent an hour with a pill shaver, you’ll definitely appreciate how much more quickly a cashmere comb can lift the knotting! A cashmere comb is designed with fine-toothed double edges, allowing it to quickly and gently remove pills, fuzz & lint from cashmere & wool garments without damage. Simply glide the comb over the fabric to restore the natural beauty of your clothing. I’ve created a tutorial to show you how a cashmere comb works with before & after shots, as well as included a fabulous edit of must-have cashmere pieces to get you through Winter and Early Spring of 2024!

Some additional tips for sweater care:

Avoid the washing machine. Dryclean or handwash to avoid shrinkage, color fading and pilling.
When hand washing, make sure to gently rub the underarm area and any other spots affected by perspiration. When it’s time for the garment to dry, place the wet sweater out on a towel and roll the towel up (like a cinnamon roll) to squeeze out excess moisture. This helps to avoid stretching the sweater and helps dry it faster. Unroll and remove towel, then place sweater out flat to air dry.

Try wearing a thin t-shirt under your sweater to extend it’s life between washes. Keeping a t-shirt between your body and your sweater allows for a longer time between washes. You can simply change out and wash your t-shirt rather than the sweater!

Wash your sweaters all at once. Chores are best done efficiently, and hand-washing can feel like a real hassle! Try waiting until the end of the week to wash your sweaters all at once. This will keep the chore to just one sitting, rather than an overwhelming process strung throughout the week.

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The Quince Cashmere Comb

Before and After Combing Cashmere Sweater Pills

Enjoy this before and after example of combing through my cashmere sweater!

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