The Gift That Checks all the Boxes, Mother’s Day 2024

Image Courtesy LARISSA MILLS

Giving back to the maternal figures in our lives can be a challenging task – What gift is sentimental, luxurious, useful and certain to remind them how much you care?
Enter the 2024 Mother’s Day Styling Package! This condensed, bite-sized approach to Meg’s styling process is sure to check every box.
The gift of style is truly the gift that keeps on giving; providing an expressive outlet, newfound confidence and daily support through the wardrobe of their dreams.

The Mother’s Day Package

The Closet Edit (3 Hours)

Gift a closet edit to re-focus and lighten her wardrobe for Spring & Summer.

Shop With Meg (5 Hour Shop)

Refresh her closet with an in-store shopping experience. (Meg’s 2 hour advanced pull included within 5 hour process)

In-Home Shopping Experience (3 Hours)

Meg will deliver a curated wardrobe to her home or office to update her every day closet or create a special event look.

In-Home Styling Session (3 Hours)

Meg will style new looks from her existing closet and breathe fresh air into cherished pieces.

Pricing is $200 an hour, and worth every penny!

*Printable Virtual Gift Cards Available

What Clients Are Saying…

Meg was super helpful… She was not only knowledge in style, but also in how to find the best pieces, how certain brands fit, and even where to go to shop. If you don’t have a lot of free time to shop, need help changing up your style, or find shopping is stressful, I highly recommend hiring Meg for her services! 


Meg, in her knowledgable and kind manner, not only expanded my imagination with beautiful pieces, she was enthusiastic and encouraging when I tried on her carefully curated choices.

Much like taking trips to far flung destinations, now I get a sense of joy and accomplishment when I plan an outfit. Thank you for such an enriching experience, Meg.


I felt like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders. Why didn’t I do this years ago???


I would consider myself curvy these days and I’ve had a hard time finding quality, contemporary, classy clothing that fits my figure. This was no challenge for Meg. Somehow, not only did she nail my style, when I arrived at each dressing room, they were full of items that not only fit me, but were current, and flattering. In Meg’s capable hands, i went from feeling anxious and uncomfortable to at ease and confident in a wardrobe of elegant interchangeable pieces.


My wardrobe didn’t fit my lifestyle and frankly, I didn’t know how to shop. Meg made this experience so fun and stress-free. I used to walk into my closet and feel so overwhelmed and discouraged. Now, I love to get dressed in the morning. This investment in myself was totally worth it. Thank you Meg!